I made these hardbound books to sell in the summer

they were a ton of work u o  u

I’ll be making a lot more

they’re hand stitched, glued, and cut.

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  1. trolltusks said: Those are so nice Alex ; A; How much would it cost to get one. HERE TAKE MY MONEY > A<
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    Oh wow! Those are seriously good quality! I’ve had a few goes at making my own books but they never come out that...
  3. failpants said: OMG CAN I BUY ONE ;__; IM BEING SERIOUS! would you be able to ship it to the US? ;^;
  4. shishigawara said: these are really great looking ;vv;
  5. pancakepuppy said: Omg these are beautifully done Batsy YOU ARE SO TALENTED
  6. robotemperor said: awesome work!
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    oh my god alex how can i get one of these from u tell me wat i have to do
  8. obligationaloctopus said: how long did it take you to make them?
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    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg these are so great!!!
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